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Our Partners

Conseil Canadien de la Coopération et de la Mutualité (CCCM)

The Conseil Canadien de la Coopération et de la Mutualité’s mission is to create an environment conducive to francophone co-operative development across Canada.

Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA)

The Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA) is a national association created for the Canadian co-operatives. It represents more than nine million members belonging to more than 2,000 cooperatives and credit unions. Co-operative members are represented by CCA directly or through their co-operative, their co-operative association or provincial central credit unions, or through sectorial organizations. The members of the CCA work in many sectors of the economy – finance, insurance, food and supplies, wholesale and retail, housing, health and services.

Nova Scotia Co-op Council (NSCC)

The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council is the development branch for anglophone co-operatives and credit unions in the province. It is governed by a volunteer board composed of representatives of co-operatives and credit unions across the province. Its goal is to meet the needs of members through education, marketing and lobbying the government and the industry.

NSCC offers workshops on topics ranging from governance and innovation to micro-finance and to find markets for products. It has an extensive library of reference material available to any group.

Centre d'aide en affaire et en entrepreneuriat (CAAE)

The Centre d'aide en affaire et en entrepreneuriat’s mission is to encourage business and entrepreneurship to improve the economy of the Acadian and Francophone regions of Nova Scotia by providing an appropriate range of business services to high-quality businesses and non-profit organizations in these regions. In collaboration with the Université Sainte-Anne, and acting as a University Centre for Business Assistance, CAAE promotes the full participation of university students in fulfilling this mandate.

Since October 1 2006, CAAE is under the direction of the Economic Development Council of Nova Scotia in partnership with l’Université Sainte-Anne. This change in governance is to provide business services to the Acadian and Francophone community across the province.