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cours de coopération en 1947
Co-operation course in 1947

Le Conseil Coopératif Acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse began in 1980 and was comprised of managers and presidents of co-operatives in the Cheticamp region:

  • The Cheticamp Co-op,
  • The Cheticamp Credit Union,
  • The Cheticamp Fish Cooperative ,
  • La coopérative Artisanale de Chéticamp,
  • The Lemoyne Credit Union and
  • Lemoyne Co-op.

At first, the Council met informally. We shared our success stories, but mostly we talked about problems we were hoping to solve collectively. In 1981, it was decided to join the Canadian Council for Cooperation (CCC), the national association representing francophone co-operatives across the country. Edmond Aucoin, Manager of the Cheticamp Credit Union was the first Nova Scotian to serve on the Board of Directors of CCC.

51ième Congrès national du CCC à Chéticamp en 1997
51st National CCC congress
held in Cheticamp in 1997

During the next few years, the Council, in collaboration with the CCC, organized information sessions and training for its members at all levels: employees, members of boards of directors and members at large.

In 1985, the Cheticamp Fish Co-op was hit hard by the moratorium imposed on fish quotas. The Council was called to come to the rescue. Through hard work, the co-operative was saved. It became obvious that the Council had a role to play in community development.

The first Executive Director was Anselm Cormier. It was he who laid the foundation for the Council we have today. From that date, several co-operatives were incorporated to meet the needs of the community, including a Youth Workers Co-operative, housing co-operatives Le Manoir St-Pierre and La Résidence Acadienne, a co-operative daycare and a co-operative radio station.

In 2006, the Council purchased the old convent and made renovations to accommodate a new call centre in the community. In honour of Mr. Cormier, the Council named the building the Centre for Co-operative Development Anselm Cormier.