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Cooperation is the work done by the community for the community. We work together for the good of the community.

Within Le Conseil Coopératif Acadien de la N.-É., over 80 volunteers work together for the good of the cooperative movement but, more importantly, for the good of their community.

In 2011, the Conseil and its members contributed in excess of $765,000 in donations, sponsorship and patronage dividend to their communities.

Prizes and Awards

Co-operation Award

The Co-operation Award is an honorarium of $200, which was established in 1990 by Le Conseil Coopératif Acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse and is presented annually to a student during the high school graduation ceremonies, in recognition of their volunteer or paid work with co-operatives.


1. Being a member of a co-operative or having a parent who is a member of a co-operative.

2. Member of a board of directors of a co-operative.

3. Working as a volunteer in a co-operative.

4. Employed in a co-operative.


Kelsey Poirier 2012
Brianna Babineau 2012
Josée LeBlanc 2011
Tyler Babineau 2011
Jenna Cormier 2010
Marc Neary 2009
Kayla Leblanc 2008
Hélène Lefort 2007
Angèle Comeau 2006
Mireille Maillet 2005
Jean-Claude Poirier 2004
Charlene Cormier 2003

Co-operative Order of Merit (COM)

Established in 1959, to publicly recognize individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to the Canadian co-operative movement, this high distinction also encourages co-operators to continue to work for the success of movement.

Qualifications and Levels

The Canadian Co-operative Order of Merit includes the following two levels:

1) The decoration in the first degree is awarded to a person who contributed the same way to the co-operative movement, but this time at a provincial level. Any person who has rendered outstanding service to the Francophone co-operative movement in the area of ideas or facts, either through research, publication of books, the creation of scholarships or donations, or by a constant desire to spread or apply the principles of co-operation, or by their special devotion, is eligible to receive this decoration.

2) The decoration in the second degree is given to a person who has rendered outstanding service to the Francophone co-operative movement in one or more sectors at the national level.

Nova Scotia Recipients:

Raymond Doucet 2011
Laurette Deveau 2011
René Larade 2007
Yvon Deveau 1996
Anselm Cormier 1993